Monday, 18 July 2011

Worksheet 3 for More than/Less Than (Model Drawing)

Dear P6-4,

Some of you have requested for more worksheets. You may want to try these questions! Remember the strategy that I have taught you. Apply it in these questions! Enjoy doing!!

Topics : Whole Numbers, Fractions & Percentage
                                   Mathematics Revisions

Concept: More Than / Less Than (Model Drawing)

9.    At a book fair, there were 350 more adults than children,  
       2/5 of the adults and 25% of the children left the book fair.
       In the end, there were 30 more children than adults.
       How many children were there at the carnival in the end?

10.  In a bag, there are marbles of 3 colours, red, green
       and blue. There are 112 more green than blue marbles.
       There are 3/4 as many red marbles as blue marbles.
       Given that the number of blue marbles is 16%  of the
       total number of marbles in the bag, how many marbles
       are there in the bag altogether?
11. In a mathematics tool kit, there are triangles, squares
      and rectangles. There are 180 more triangles than
      squares. There are 2/3 as many rectangles as triangle.
      Given that the number of squares is 15% of the total
      number of shapes in the tool kit, how many triangles
      are there in the tool kit?

12. At a funfair, there were 120 more adults than boys and  
       3/4 as many boys as girls. Given that the number of boys
       were 12% of the total number of people at the funfair,
       how many adults were there at the funfair?

Mrs Lee

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