Thursday, 14 July 2011

Homework - Whole Number 2 & 3

As mentioned in the class, those of you have completed Whole Number 2 can proceed to do Whole Number 3. The rest will do Whole Number 2.

Whole Numbers 2

11.  Mohan bought a total of 50 apples and mangoes. If he exchanged every mango for 3 apples, he would have 78 apples in all. How many apples did he buy?

12.  Hamid has a triangular plot of land. He wants to plant 18 palm trees along the sides of the plot with an equal number of trees along each side. What is the largest number of palm trees he can plant on each side of the plot if he plants 1 tree at each corner of the plot?

13.  Mr Lee has 20 pots of plants. He wants to arrange all the pots along the sides of a square carpet so that each side has the same number of pots. How many pots will there be on each side of the carpet if he places 1 pot at each corner?

14.  Naser has a square plot of land. He wants to plant an equal number of durian seedlings along each side of the plot. He has 36 seedlings and starts planting a seedling at each corner of the plot. How many more seedlings must he have if he wants to plant 12 seedlings along each side of the plot?

15.  Among all the 2-digit numbers, how many of them contain the digit 6?
      There are __  numbers with the digit 6 in the tens place.
      There are __  numbers with digit 6 in the ones place.
      ___ number(s) contain(s) the digit 6 in both the tens place and ones place.

      Number of 2-digit numbers that contain the digit 6
      = ___     + ___    ­- ___
      = ___
      There are  ___  2-digit numbers that contain the digit 6.

16.  Among all the 2-digit even numbers, how many of them contain the digit 4?

17.  Mrs Liew has $70 which is just enough to pay for 3 kg of crabs and 4 kg of prawns. If she wants to buy 4 kg of crabs and 3 kg of prawns, she would need another $3.50. Find the cost of 1 kg of prawns and 1 kg of crabs.

18.  A notebook and a file cost $3.50. Siti paid $32.80 for 12 notebooks and 8 files. How much would Wendy have to pay for 8 notebooks and 12 files?

Whole Numbers 3

19.  At a supermarket, a customer collects one coupon for every $20 purchased. The customers can exchange 5 coupons for a saucer, 9 coupons for 2 cups and 15 coupons for a teapot. How much must a customer spend at the supermarket so as to collect a sufficient number of coupons to exchange for 4 saucers, 4 cups and a teapot?

20.  Mrs Lim bought 600g of fish paste and 25 pieces of fish cake. She paid a total of 411.05. If 5 pieces of fish cake cost 41.25, what was the cost of 100g of fish paste?

21.  The charges for renting a bicycle are shown.

1st hour or less
Every additional ½ hour or part thereafter

     5 boys rented 4 bicycles from to They shared the charges
     equally. How much did each boy pay?

22. Cindy and Devi each shared a fixed amount of money daily. Devi, who started saving before Cindy, saved $3 daily. When Devi had saved for 15 days, Cindy had saved $40. When Devi had saved for 20 days, both had saved an equal amount of money. How many days after Devi started saving did Cindy start saving?

23. Aini is 12 years old. Her father is 28 years older than her. In how many years will Aini's father be 3 times as old as her?

24. Mr Gopal is 57 years old. Fadzil is 48 years younger than him. In how many years will Mr Gopal be four times as old as Fadzil?

Do show your models and methods clearly!!Thanks!

Mrs Lee

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