Monday, 1 August 2011

Draw a Model / Branching - Fractions

2.  Li Fang bought a blouse with 1/3 of her money. She then used 1/8 of the remainder to buy
     2 pairs of socks. What fraction of her money did she spend on each pair of socks

3. David spent 1/4 of his money on a pack of cards. He spent 1/5 of the remaining money on a
    pencil box.
      a)      What fraction of his money was left?
      b)      If he spent $9 on the pencil box, how much money did David have at first?

4.  Cheryl spent 1/5 of her money on a teddy bear and 40% of the remainder on a doll. If she
      had $156 left, how much money did she have at first?

Do put in your effort! Show your methods and presentation them clearly!!

Mrs Lee

Dear 6-4,

Please use draw a model or branching method to solve the following questions in your
foolscape paper.

1.  A slice of cake cost 5 times as much as a bun. Yani spent 1/5 of her money on buns
     and 1/2 of the remainder on 4 slices of cake. How many buns did she buy?

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