Monday, 27 June 2011

Revision on Whole No

Dear Pupils,

I would like you to print out the questions below and try these problems on whole numbers on foolscap paper, using pencil! Remember READ, THINK, PLAN, DO, CHECK. Underline the important information that will help you to solve the problems. Present your model drawings and methods systematically.

Keep it neat and tidy!! I believe you can do it! You will submit your work on Friday! Thank you!

Food for thought: Success is a matter of understanding and religiously practising specific, simple habits that always lead to success!

Mrs Lee

Whole Numbers 1

1. Maria and Santos each had the same amount of money. Each day, Maria spent $12 and Santos spent $6 more than Maria. When Santos had spent all his money, Maria had $72 left. How much money did Santos have at first?

2. Each day, Rahman saves 90¢, 6 days after Rahman starts saving, Minah starts saving 20¢ more than Rahman each day. When Minah has saved $4.60 more than Rahman, how much money has Rahman saved?

3. Mrs Lim planned to pack some sweets equally into 7 bags. However, 4 of the bags were found to be torn, so she put 20 sweets more into each of the other bags. How many sweets were there altogether?

4. There were 20 more girls than boys in the school chess club last year. After 36 boys and 10 girls joined the club this year, there were 146 members altogether. How many boys are there in the chess club altogether?

5. There were 25 fewer men than women in the Aerobics Club last year. After 20 men and 25 women joined the club this year, there are 150 members altogether. How many women were there in the club last year?

6. Sylvia had 3 times as many hair clips as Caili. After Sylvia gave away 80 hair clips and Caili gave away 20 hair clips, they each had an equal number of hair clips left. How many hair clips did Sylvia have at first?

7. Muthu had 70 stamps more than Ali. After Ali gave Muthu 30 stamps, Muthu had twice as many stamps as Ali. How many stamps did they have altogether?

8. Two housing estates P and Q have a total of 36 000 people. After some people move from estate P to estate Q, estate Q has 5 times as many people as estate P. Find the difference in the number of people between estates P and Q now.

9. Dawei had $180 and Yawen had $55. After their aunt gave each of them an equal amount of money, Dawei had twice as much money as Yawen. How much money did their aunt give to each of them?

10. Patrick, Devi and Jiamin each have the same number of beads. How many beads must Devi give to Patrick and Jiamin so that Patrick has 20 beads more than Devi and Jiamin has 4 fewer beads than Patrick?

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